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We can arrange viewings during office working hours from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and we offer evening appointments on Wednesdays until 9pm. During busier periods it may also be possible to book a weekend viewing or early morning viewing subject to team availability.

Please note it is not always possible to meet clients who arrive at the Civic Centre without an appointment so to avoid disappointment please do book an appointment with a member of the events team.


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We use this information only for the intended purpose that you have provided it for, i.e. in relation to communication with you and providing details on hiring a venue.

Your information will be held only for as long as necessary and we do not share any information submitted through this website with third parties. If you enquire and subsequently book a venue space, your details will be held for seven years as legally required. Any enquiries that do not result in a booking will be deleted after a period of one year.

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